Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And even more Hoan Kiem district...

Okay here's a couple pics from today. Clearly still in the Hoan Kiem district. I haven't written as much as I meant too, because the baby was pretty sick with a random virus until now. Kinda made sightseeing and shopping hard. I think we made up for the shopping part today. Now we just have to figure out how to get it all home.

On the plus side the process now that we're here has gone incredibly quickly. We had our G&R last friday and applied for her Vietnamese passport the same day. Monday she passed her visa medical with flying colors and we picked up her passport and submitted all the necessary papers obtain her visa to come home. We had our visa interview with the American Embassy today and that was a breeze. Now we've booked flights home on Friday. It's strange because we leave Friday at noonish and get into Houston at midnight on Friday. That's going to feel strange. Anyway for the most part everything has been a piece of cake. The hardest part seems like it's going to be braving the travel office tom'w to get the baby a paper ticket. 

Okay I'm done for now. Enjoy the pictures. Maybe tom'w we'll get some sightseeing in and be able to post a few more.

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